One of the many: Individual action vs Collective action

One of the tools that I think humanity has against climate change is people growing their own food and living lives in communities in a manner conscious of the impact on our biosphere.

One of the options that I had while starting this journey was to join an already existing community of organic farmers instead of starting all the way from scratch.

One of the reasons why I chose to start something on my own was because I think we need more communities where we are mindful of ourselves, nature, people around us. We need more communities growing healthy food for themselves and selling extra produce – value added or otherwise – to a few markets locally. When the use of fossil fuels will eventually reduce, long distance trade will break down. These communities will be the one people will move towards to ensure water and food security. Btw, I don’t think societies will give up fossil fuel use on their own – it will happen only after climate change causes isolationism because of increasing sea levels, flooding rivers and other related calamities.

One of the lessons from the coronavirus pandemic is that when we reach the end of civilisation as we know it, we will need to go local for all our resources and start building resilience in all aspects of our lifestyle esp. water, food and shelter.

One of the doubts I had in my mind was whether there was more impact in questioning our leaders (like Greta does) or start changing myself. We need more young people to take ownership of their lives and take more responsibility to bring environmental, social, economic justice to people around them. But before that, we need the current generation to start growing their own food using regenerative agriculture and support themselves & their families for their basic needs. We need to stop looking up at the leadership of our villages, cities, states, nations and realise that the change has to start from within each one of us.

One of our objectives with the farm in the long term is to build a community of people living in the farm. By end of 2020, there will be space for ~10 people to stay full time. By 2023, we hope to be food and energy self sufficient in 90% of our needs.

One of our appeals to all of you reading this blog is to come visit us, talk to us, email/text us and learn first hand the amount of difference you can make to ecosystems in a short while with your hard work and some support. And if we can work out a way in which you can join us either full time or part time to build a community, it would be a bonus ! 🙂


Noushadya and Sudhakar

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  1. Vishal Rewari says:

    Nice one Sudhakar, would definitely like to learn how to grow ladies finger, rajma and rice so I have in unlimited supply 🙂

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    1. Sudhakar says:

      You can grow ladies finger in pots outside your home. Rajma and rice is a little more complicated because you would need a larger piece of land 🙂


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