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Farm Tour

How to reach here

  • Bus to Vickramasingapuram from Chennai – overnight journey of less than 12 hours. The farm is a 5 minute drive from the bus stop. Tickets available on Redbus
  • Bus to Ambasamudram from Bangalore – overnight journey of less than 12 hours. The farm is a 20 minute auto ride from Ambasamutram bus stop or you can take a local bus to Papanasam and walk to the farm. Tickets to Ambasamutram available on Redbus.
  • Train to Tirunelveli, which is the nearest railway junction. It is 45 kms from the farm – An hour’s drive by car/cab. Bus ride from Tirunelveli’s new bus stand to Papanasam will take 1.5 hours. Station code is TEN on IRCTC. The farm is 3 kms from the Papanasam bus stop. You can come walking, hitch a ride or take an auto to the farm.

I personally advocate people to take train and bus journeys to get here instead of flights, because of the heavy carbon footprint of air travel.

Directions from Tirunelveli

– from Tirunelveli railway station, take a bus to New Bus Stand (about 10 rs).
– from platform 3 at New Bus Stand, take bus heading to Papanasam. There are 2 types of buses: regular and PP (point to point). Both are numbered 131. If you get a PP bus, take that because it’ll stop at lesser stops. (₹48)
– get off at the penultimate bus stop called Dana/டானா (It’s डाना, not दाना)

– From Dana bus stop, which is 2 kms from the farm, you can either taken an auto or come walking, if you are travelling light.

-If you are taking an auto, he will not know the name ‘Vaanavil Farm’, you will have to tell him ‘Bombay Tea Kadai le irundhu 1 km merke’

– If you are walking down, Click here to open the location of the farm in Google Maps!

Tourist spots near by

In case you want to combine your visit to the farm with other places near by 🙂

  • Papanasam Temple – 2.5 kms from the farm
  • Agasthiyar Falls – 5 kms
  • Karayar Dam – 17 kms drive, entry to Kalakad Mundanthurai closes at 4 pm
  • Manimuthar Dam & Waterfalls – 20 kms drive, entry closes at 4 pm
  • Courtallam waterfalls – one hour drive by car, 1.5 hour bus ride from the farm
  • Manjolai Tea Estate – 2 hour drive
  • Kanyakumari – 2.5 hours drive by car , 3 hours by bus
  • Varkala & Trivandrum – 4 hours drive by car

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Jio, Airtel and BSNL networks work well at the farm.