About the name ‘Vivasayee’s Life’

Noushadya and I have been sharing news bits and pieces of our experiences at the organic farm and forest via the blog site https://VivasayeesLife.com

We thought it would be apt to also start Facebook and Instagram pages to engage more of our family and friends in this journey.

Our belief is that everyone can and should be a farmer for the following 3 simple reasons:
1. It is extremely joyful for you
2. The end result is very healthy for your family
3. The process is amazing for the planet

The word for Farmer in Tamil is ‘Vivasayee’. And we want to demonstrate that this life is possible for all of you, even if it is going to be only part time. So, we have named our venture: Vivasayee’s Life.

Thanks to our networks, we think we have the ability to create impact by converting the environmental movement into a grassroots one. We need your contributions: more physical and mental than financial in making this venture a successful one.

Please feel free to share this note with people who are interested and also to those who are not. Maybe this documentation can influence them 🙂

More importantly, let’s open up a conversation among us about the destructive lives we are leading and how going back to the soil is the only way to save our species.





Sudhakar Iyer

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