A note on Climate Change

Over the past one century, the amount of destruction liberalized capitalist and communist countries have imposed upon this planet and human society has been enormous. This is a result of a system propagated by Government, Businesses and Civil Society. We can’t blame one arm of the civilization alone. The blame is on everyone. If you want change, the first step is from you. The first thing you can and must do is stop indulging in consumerism. Consumerism is what this system relies on to create inequalities. Trickle down top to bottom economy is a farce when it comes to social and environmental justice. Heavy reliance on machinery, technology and automation has rendered people jobless. Work give purpose of life to people. You can’t take that away from them!

The only system which has proven to demonstrate for years on end to create equality is a circular rural economic system where there is heavy reliance on self sufficiency in food, shelter and clothing. We have to go back to a simpler way of life. That’s been and will be the only solution to save home sapiens from extinction !

Sudhakar Iyer


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  1. Arun Lakshmanan says:

    I agree on the mad rush of instant gratification, in a consumer driven, video gamic world of Orwellian controlled state. Self sufficiency and a quiet life – yes!

    When we know not where money comes from (exploitation of natural resources), and the exploitation is kept separate from enjoyment, we will never know the price and sacrifice – both paid by poor earth. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Sudhakar says:

      Exactly! People’s eyes are now opening though! 🙂


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