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Pure : 0% Adulteration

Organic : Regenerative

Farm Fresh : Direct-to-Customer


Palm Jaggery / Karupatti / Pana Vellam

The most flavourful, healthiest and sustainable form of sweetener available to South India. Desserts made with palm jaggery are tastier. It tastes great with black coffee and tea. It is known to have medicinal qualities and is used extensively in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Contains trace amounts of lime and castor oil.
₹690.00 for 1 kilo


Sun-dried and Salted Mangoes / Maanga Vathal

Hand-processed, dried on palm leaf mats, organic. The powdered form of this is called Aamchoor in Hindi. A bite of this in your daal, saambhar, curries gives a brilliant burst of the flavourful mango taste.
₹290.00 for 250 gms


Malabar Black Pepper

Forest-grown by Kaani tribe in Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tirunelveli. Beyond organic and regenerative.
Rs. 310 for 250 gms

Plain Curry leaves powder

Shade dried and milled. Used as a replacement for fresh curry leaves. Whole curry leaves are mostly discarded by family members because of its texture. By using the powdered form, the benefits of curry leaves can be realized completely. Can be added to tadkas, buttermilk, food, herbal concoctions. Can also be added to hair oils and face packs.
Rs. 240.00 for 250 gms

Vana Tulsi Tea

Foraged, Shade-dried common wild Tulsi leaves and crushed. It is most commonly used to make Tulsi Tea. It can be added to green teas, black teas, kaadhas and kashayams.
Rs. 240.00 for 100 gms

Avaram Poo / Senna Auriculata

Foraged and Shade-dried flower that grows wildly in arid regions of South India. It can be added to teas, kaadhas, kashayams, rasams.
Rs. 190 for 100 gms


Bath Powder / Kuliyal Podi

Traditional powder made of whole moong, soap nuts, kasthuri turmeric, poolan kizhangu, rose, avaram poo, karboga arisi, vettiver, neem, tulsi, curry leaves. How to use : take required quantity in a cup, make a thick paste with water, apply all over body and wash
Rs. 390 for 500 gms

Hair Wash Powder / Shikakai Podi

Traditional powder made with Shikakai, soapnuts, hibiscus flowers, hibiscus leaves, avarampoo, tulsi, curry leaves, vettiver, neem, henna, karboga arisi. How to use : Take required quantity in a cup, soak it overnight in water or curd, apply & run all over your scalp & hair. And rinse well with water
Rs. 490 for 500 gms

Tooth Powder / Pal Podi

Traditional powder made with desi cow dung charcoal, clove oil, camphor, salt. Made by our farmer friend Om Prakash
Rs. 90 for 100 gms

How to Order

We are a small operation with Noushadya and I running the show at our farm near Papanasam, Tirunelveli along with 3 women from a nearby village. Some of the products that we have listed are by fellow farmers who make the product themselves. Please Whatsapp your orders on 7718871501 or email me on sudhakar2310@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We accept payments on my UPI ID sudhakar2310@okicici . Your payment is our order confirmation. Cash on delivery is not possible at this stage.

For seasonal produce and limited produce that is harvested only once in a while, we post availability in a Vivasayee’s Life whatsapp group before we post on social media platforms. Please join in case you are interested to be updated with more farm fresh produce.

Important Disclaimers : We are not yet certified organic by any agency – government or private. But, we believe that we are taking efforts beyond the standards set by them. We would love to demonstrate this to you if and when you get a chance to visit the farm. Quite a few of the ingredients are foraged from or cultivated at our farm. What we can’t grow yet, we try our best to source, from trustworthy sources, some organic and some are not.

Packaging and Shipping

1. Prices are inclusive of delivery charges. We send our products via India Post’s registered parcel service and DTDC across the country. The produce travels via trains and is therefore slower than speed post and private couriers. This is what makes the transportation as eco friendly as possible. We also bundle, package and deliver orders at the post office only twice a week.

2. We harvest farm produce only after we receive orders. So, what you receive is as fresh as it can get.

Because of the above 2 reasons, please expect anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from order date.

We pack in reusable zip lock pouches or palm leaf boxes for dry produce. We use plastic bottles for ghees and oils. Most of our pack sizes are large, by design, for a family of four, because we believe in minimising impact of packaging on Mother Earth. Please share with your friends, family or neighbours, if you think the quantity is too much. After all, sharing is caring. These products are perfect for gifting to loved ones as well. 🙂

Soil health is our first priority. We sell only directly to the customer. We want to bring to you unique local value-added products which are difficult to source.

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