Farm Update | August 2022

Calving season has finally ended with two calves born back to back in the last week of August. We are now selling curd locally at Agasthiyarpuram. We will be using the revenue from curd and sale of milk from Kanmani to fund the construction of the thatch shelter for our calves.

That’s me, Noushadya, milking Gauri in the evening after her return from grazing the fields.

Our plans to construct thatch roof is getting delayed because of the short but intense rains over the last one week. We hope to complete this project before our year end monsoon so that the little ones have a safe space.

Make do tying area for the adolescent calves in the cowshed until we build a thatch roof for them

Up until last month, we only had a 3 phase motor to draw water from the well. This is a free connection provided by TNEB. Even if there was outage in a single phase, the motor wouldn’t run and we wouldnt have water for irrigation or for the animals for a couple of days on occasion. So, we invested in a 1 HP single phase motor and connected it to the paid commercial connection. So, now even if there is only that one particular phase live, we can provide water to the animals.

Thanks to the contribution of generous friends, family members and well wishers, we are able to take care of cows without further financial dent than we are already facing because of our sustainability choices.

We saw some occasional rains in August but that was not enough for us to plan another annual crop. So we focussed mostly on compost application and weeding our food forest. The coconuts from last month’s harvest were alsi dried and milled to make cold pressed oil. We also made two small batches of coconut paruppu podi that got sold in no time! We are experimenting with jams with our papayas and bananas. We will hopefully be able to add that to our store in a few weeks. With less activity at the farm, we are trying to work on value addition products to bring more products to our storefront!



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