Science and Spirituality

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Deep down, in my 20s, I had always ‘felt’ that the kind of lifestyle liberal capitalism was promoting was wrong to some extent. I couldn’t put words to it. But my ‘experience’ with the lifestyle never satisfied my curiosity and there was always a pursuit to know more. An inquisitiveness, if you can call it. An ‘inquisitiveness’ to understand what is causing this disonnance of where I was, what I was doing with where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do.

Now, I have ‘witnessed’ the world a little more in my 30s. I have ‘read’ , in books, blogs and articles, about the destruction humanity has caused by pursuing this lifestyle. I have ‘interacted’ with people this has impacted the most, the poor and the neglected. Also, I can now put numbers to what I felt because of what I experienced and because of the capability of awareness we possess.

As I write this, what I mentioned in the first paragraph seems closer to Spirituality and what I wrote in the second seems closer to Science. But they are really the same experience to me because I have just grown up, my thoughts have evolved from watching the world around me change. It just seems that I have a more nuanced perception of the world now. A few questions come to my mind :

  1. Are science and spirituality one and the same? Science being objective and spirituality subjective ?
  2. Are they just people’s different ways of experiencing reality – just a different way of being aware of the present?
  3. Do we move from a scientific pursuit to a spiritual pursuit from time to time based on what we feed our minds?
  4. Is spirituality a way to communicate with yourself and science a way to communicate/cooperate with others?

– Sudhakar

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